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You live in a semi-free country.

It is shocking to think of the regulations that have been imposed on us in Canada over the past thrity years alone. It seems that the current mentality is that we the citizens are stupid people who need our government to tell us how to live.

When the seat belt laws were first enacted, my Dad was a fierce opposer and so was I, even though I was young. Why? It is an unconstitutional law which invades and takes away a little of our personal freedom. Little by little, over the years we continue to lose our freedoms.

Safety is always the word bandied about in order to justify the new law, but it is just plain wrong. We need Canadians who will stand up and oppose foolish laws and it's great to hear from a younger person who sees the nonsense.

BTW, you forgot the costs which you now must incur in order to store your gun lawfully!
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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