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A coworker of mine had a 5 week sabbatical and considered driving to Alaska from Dallas (crazy huh?). He found out that at the Canadian border they put a lock on each of your guns and charge you a $100 gun fee. Then when you get to the Canadian/Alaska border they charge you another $100 to take the lock off. Anyone else heard of this? Tanthalas where are you!
Jay G.

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(8/16/02 8:24:00 am)
It gets better
If that is true, it just goes along with the goofy idea that when you get to the border if you have had a DUI or some other felonys in your past they charge you extra to come in, not sure if this applies only to the driver or passengers too.

All these extra charges and hassles you think would cut into the US res from heading north and helping the economy????

Seems to me this is no different than a fuedal fifedoom charging tolls to go across their roads.

cD Tanthalas
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(8/17/02 12:46:35 pm)
yeah i have heard of it, here's a link for ya's, our gun laws are bigger than a new york phone book lol

i apologize on behalf of my country, our politicians have their heads in their a$$es
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