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None of this helps the British gentleman of course, and he was speaking longterm...

I was just at Walmart, and the sale appears to finally be over on the 3 "promos": good riddance.

Right now Dick's Sporting Good's, if you have them in your area, is the best place to buy retail that I have found, their sale running at least another week:

Remington Gun Club 1 oz, 1 1/8 oz, 1145-1390 FPS: $5.98/box minus a buck off rebate = $4.98/box.

AA's $6.95 minus $2 rebate = $4.95/box.

20 gauge also available and they even had some 16, 28, .410 on sale.

I'd doubt guys buying by the pallet are doing any better than that, though their quantities quickly outstrip the rebates.
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