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This was posted ( September 14, 2009 copied from base website - the official statement by the base:

"Restriction of Summit Sporting shotguns made by Caesar Guerini

With concurrence from the Base G-3 and the Base Judge Advocate General Office (JAG), all shotguns model "Summit Sporting," manufactured by Caesar Guerini in Brescia, Italy are restricted from use aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico at any shooting event conducted by the Quantico Shooting Club. We hope that this is a temporary restriction, but it is a necessary restriction until Summit Sporting shotguns are proven safe by an independent laboratory. Click the link below to see the Shotgun Mishap Report. All Range Safety Officers are to verify that shooters are not using this firearm until the restriction is lifted."

This would imply to me that the club did not ban the Caesar Guerini Summit models but that it was an action by the base commander and the ban did not apply to all Caesar Guerini models.

Any thoughts - Duh
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