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I have owned a CD 12 GA. OU Superior II, Made in Italy, since 1978; I traded for it then, so it is at least 1976 or earlier. Question is, how do I find out how old it really is? I've checked all the markings and can find nothing that looks like a date.

I'm trying to put a value on this for my estate, so any help would be apprciated.

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Sight unseen, I would say $500-600. This price range would be fairly safe, I don't recall seeing many O/Us for less. This was the end of what I would consider CD's "quality" years. After this period, they seemed to be price oriented, not value. I bought an early 70s CD made by Mirouku for $400. It showed fair use (70%), 2 3/4" chamber, 28" barrel, IM/Full, non-selective trigger, and the bottom barrel had a slight bulge. I felt this was on the higher end of this gun but I bought it from a shop that has given me deals and first dibs on other products I may be interested in.
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