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changing primers

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This is my first post here, I haven't found an answer in the previous posts on this site so here goes. I haven't reloaded shotshells since I was a kid but have quite a bit of experience loading reloading rifles. What I would like to be able to do is come up with a primer that I could use for several different loads. I was looking at using Clays for light target loads and Longshot for all my heavier field loads in the BPI Multihull. I understand that the two different powders may each require a specific primer since they have different burn rates. My problem is that looking at the BPI reloading manuals for various wads identical shot weights and type/charge of powder require different primers. I know that in centerfire cartridges you can switch primers by reducing the powder charge and working up looking for excessive pressure signs. Is it safe to do the same with shotshells? All I'm trying to avoid is buying a thousand primers for one specific load that I'll probably only shoot 20-30 times in a year. Thanks
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$6 a box for primers?? Man, I paid less than $18 for the whole thousand! Several of the powder and wad manufcturers do list some primer interchangability with certain powders. I personaly use interchangably the Remington STS, WW 209, and the Cheddite 209. The Federal 209A is indeed a horse of a different color. When you study different loads with differernt powders you will find that with some hulls, some wads, and some powders there is a difference in loads with these different primers. Some there isn't! I really don't pay much attention to which primer I use in the loads I load since they show as much as another 2 or 3 grains of powder being an acceptable load with the hulls and wads I'm using no matter which primer I happen to be using. Example would be: 17.5 gr of powder with WW209 for say a 1150 fps load and a 20 gr load with RP STS primers for a 1255 fps load. I really don't see any problem using either of the primers when I load 17.5 or 18 gr loads. Even if it isn't printed in someone's book. But there I go again assuming I'm an amature Ballastition? I've studyed and used enough load data over the years from enough powder and wad manufacturers to know that it just isn't that big of deal when you stay on the reasonable/mild side of any load data. Others of course, disagree. Free country! Just the same, WW209, RP STS 209, and Cheddite 209 are for all intents and purposes interchangable. But, if in doubt, DON'T. Don't just take my word for it, I'm just an annonomous personality on a web site somewhere, what do I know??

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