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If you use the factory mec charge bars and all the shot weights are low,do you just use them any way and not worry about the actual weight. I guess I am paranoid about getting the right load in that is safe to shoot.Won't you be giving up a lot when your shot charge is lighter than it shoud be? thanks. sj

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(4/13/03 8:29:23 am)
Re: charge bars again?
How low? Is there any physical damage to the bar? Is the rubber insert damages or swollen?

Most charge bars will weigh slightly different charges with the different size shot. #9 will likely weigh in slightly heavy and #4 slightly light. Minor variations will not make much difference.

Thing to note, however, don't use a charge bar meant for lead shot with steel shot, and vis a vis.

Many have gone to the use of an adjustable charge bar.
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(4/15/03 4:58:49 pm)
Reply Re: charge bars again?
I was trying to load 1 1/8 oz,which should be 492.2 grains.In order to reach that I had to add 20 more pellets. I was using 7 1/2 magnum. IT was all the way down on my balance beam scale. sj
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