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I think I posted this in the opinions section ... wrong place ... sorry about the redundancy

new to this forum ... I have a charles daly o/u that my dad owned for 20 years maybe. I am starting to try to shoot trap with it. The first time I took it out I noticed that the action would not open after shooting. Further inspection reavealed that the firing pin was staying stuck in the primer. I had to hit the gun over my knee to get it to open. I noticed the primers were gouged wherer the pin was stuck and the action was forced open. I talked to my dad about it after that and he said he used to hit the butt of the stock on the ground to get it to open. He didn't know why this helped, but I figure that was getting the firing pin to go back into the back of the breech where it belongs. I emailed charles daly to get a manual which will hopefuly explain how to dissasemble the action, but that will take 2 weeks to get. I was hoping someone here could direct me to a exploded view or explain to me how to get to the firing pin. I figure its either really dirty, bent, or maybe there is a spring somewhere that is supposed to return the pin ... maybe that spring is broke.

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I have a 20ga that does the same thing on the lower barrel only.

The firing pins move freely. It does not have rebounding firing pins, the hammer rests on the firing pin when it is uncocked.

I believe this is a timing problem as the hammers must retract immediately when the action starts to open.

One thing to check.

Take forend & barrel off.

There is a spring loaded slider on the lugs on the bottom of the barrel.

This is the part that engages the cocking lug in the receiver.

If it has play up & down, the action may open too far before it starts to retract the hamers.

I took out the slider. (remove pin & spring) and peened the spine on each side to tighten it up. (Go Slow)

Hope you understand my ramblings
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