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Charles Daly Diamond grade??? help with ID

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I recently purchase an O/U from from a random guy out of the classifieds. He had it listed as a Charles Daly Diamond grade. He even had it on consignment at a local gun shop and when I went there to look at it they looked up the value for me confirming that it was a Charles Daly Diamond grade.

I purchased the gun and went online to register it with Charles Daly and they ask me for the serial #. Well the only number on the gun 4625 and it can be found where the barrel sits in the action, it can also be found on the barrel and on the inside of the forend stock.

Also no where on the gun does it say Charles Daly. The barrel does have "Diamond" engraved in it on one side and "Cal 12-76" on the other.

Any ideas on who made this shotgun?

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There is a company called ADCO I believe that is importing some shotguns from Turkey under the name of Diamond, My local store has one that kind of looks like yours.
They are worth less that a C.D. Diamond grade, so if yours is not a Daly I hope it was not sold at a price that would be representitive of a C.D. Diamond grade.
I am by no means an authority on Daly shotguns, but a quick look through an old Gun Trader's Guide shows no guns with a silver reciever. The Diamond was, I believe, a high-grade gun and I imagine the engraving would be a bit more extensive than that pictured on your gun. Also, I would think Charles Daly would appear somewhere on the gun. Good luck.
I am not sure of what gun you have but it is not a Japanese made Charles Daly Diamond Grade. I have two Diamonds and they are not the same gun as yours. The MSR on Diamond CDs ran between about $5500 and $25,000, if that helps.

Today CD sells Turkish made O/U Diamonds in three versions, the M105, M106, and the NRA special. Try
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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