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Checking your local Academy store for remaining Remington STS stock may prove to be worthwhile. In the past month I bought the remaining 5 boxes of STS 20 gauge and 1 box of 12 ga Nitro 27s for $3.98 per box and a flat and a half of 12 gauge STS Light Handicap for $5.98 per box.

The boxes were randomly placed in the shotgun ammo aisle, and I had to use the "price check" scanner to determine the price (don't trust price on the aisle sticker, if you can find it). The 12 gauge STS shells had been $8.99 until this week, when they were lowered to $5.98. I have not seen any ads or clearance signs, but Academy must be quietly phasing out the STS shells.

My friend found similar deals at another Academy store.
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