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Cheddite Primers

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I am currently using 28 gauge AA hulls with Winchester 209 primers, Universal Clays powder, with Clay Buster wads. I can purchase Cheddite primers for $5. a box cheaper than Winchester 209 primers. I can't find any load data for 28 gauge Cheddite primers in 28 gauge AA hulls. I was told "There all the same " just use Winchester 209 data. I dont feel safe on those words alone. If any one has data in print or a web site I could refer to I would fell better. Any information on these primers good or bad is welcome also.
Thanks again.
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Coles e-mailed me back about the price and availability of pins for my Rizzini. Yup, they got them, $15.?? a piece! It will take a while to recoup that from shooting a couple bucks a thousand cheaper primers. I'd not even consider using the couple thousand I have left except I have quite a few shells already loaded with them and I hate to take them all appart or trashing them. I don't really have much more to loose at this point. I'll just shoot them all up and THEN replace the fireing pins and not get any more!

Or throw em through the ol' Mossberg 500, i don't think you can hurt one of those.
I ain't got a Mossy!

I have heard that Cheddites really eat up the already weak Browning pins. Any truth or expierence with that?


PS I, too, don't use them. I like the Rem. STS primers- seat easy and glide down the primer tray like water falling.
I trap shoot with a guy who's always replacing the pins in his Citori
because they start flaking and piercing, i told him it was the cheddite primers that was causing it.
His response:
Oh well, firing pins are cheap. :shock:

To each their own i guess.
I've noticed a black spot using them in my 12ga. Baikal and my Huglu is in for brocken firing pins the second time.
I've never had a problem with Cheddites except for the fact that they are made in FRANCE (hold on....gotta puke......). I've only fired about 7,000 or so of them and about 4,000 Win 209's and a couple thousand "others". One thing I have noticed is that the Cheddites are more consistently "flush" with the end of the base on your hull. I have had half a dozen Win 209's misfire on the bottom barrel and NEVER had a Cheddite misfire. I don't know if it's my gun or the primers but it is irritating when it happens. When I checked the defunct Winchesters the part of the primer where the pin hits it seemed to be seated too deep for the pin to hit?!?! How do you seat a primer too deep? They go in all the way and stop dont they?
Well, time to stir up things! Cheddite and Fiocchi are the same size. Our testing shows Cheddite primers to be as hot as the Fiocchi 616.......where standard 209's run about like the Fiocchi 615.
Now with that said......we have noticed that the Cheddite primers work very good with slow burn double base powders, giving the closest variation shot to shot.........James
The tests that i have seen and have had done indicate that the ched ranks up there with the fed 209a and CCI209M, I only sub with Fed 209A data.
I've seen tests that put the STS Rem 209 at the bottom of the "heat" list, the Win 209 and Cheddites in the middle, and the Fed 209 at the top. I've always seen Win and Cheddite right next to each other.
I've seen about as many different placements on a primer ranking chart as there are folks doing the ranking! One guy says the Cheddite is like a Winchester, Next guy says NO it is like a 209A, next guy says something different! I wonder just how consistent anybody's primers are? I suspect we can see a varriation with most any primer from lot to lot and some seem to do better with slower powders than with faster powders like James described. I've seen more evaluations of the 209 Cheddite being the same as a WW 209 than any thing else, but from what I read, that could be anywhere considering the wild fluctuations the WW 209 supposedly displays?? Get out your newer Accurate, Hodgdon, Alliant and IMR data booklets and do a bit of studying of the same loads except for primers and note the differences on powder charges and pressures with the different primers. Does that tell you anything??

I agree BP, I've seen some goofy fluctuations out there that don't seem to be quite.....right. IF there really is a difference between the Winchester 209 and the Cheddite primer I'd imagine that it's rather insignificant. When I first considered swapping the two I poured through my stack of manuals, sites like SGW, internet articles, magazine articles, the company websites etc and couldn't find a valid reason why I shouldn't be able to swap the two. Every test I saw and every recipie I compared had the two so closely ranked that if there is a difference between the two it cant be much.
Interesting! I really don't know how Cheddite primers rate as I have never seen a drop test comparing them with others. All I can say is when we have our loads tested in the pressure guns, with Blue Dot, Steel, and our "Brand X" slow burn powders.....there is a slight (100 fps) increase in velocity, even against the Fiocchi 616.
This leads me to think they run a little hotter and are better for cold weather loads with slow burn powders. By the way....two of these powders, Blue Dot and Steel, are double base and the third is a ball powder..........James
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