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Cheek Bone Bruising

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I have a IZH-27 shotgun in 20 ga. I love the gun but after extended firing sessions my cheek bone is brusied. I'm 5'10 and weigh 250 lbs. When shooting I'm having to tilt by head down so that I can see right down the rib if not I'm looking down on the front bead. I have heard that my comb could be too high and this can be fixed by sanding the top of the stock down until the correct sight picture can be established. I'm a little apprehensive in doing this my self because once it's gone you can't put it back. Does any one have any suggestions. I live around the Beaumont area of Texas.
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From your description, it sounds like the gun may need more cast off and more drop. Contrary to your statement about not being able to add the wood back after it's removed, you can easily add rubber cheek pieces or moleskin to increase the comb height or decrease cast off. This may be BETTER than putting the wood back since it's softer but durable.

With an unloaded gun, try mounting the gun with your head in a comfortable position. Look at the front bead. Now WHERE is your eye looking in relation to the center-rear of the receiver? Is your eye too high? If so, you need more drop. Is your eye to the left side of the center of the receiver. If so, you need more cast off. You obtain cast off by sanding off the left side of the buttstock comb. Of course, you obtain more drop by sanding the top of the comb.

Sand a little at a time and keep rechecking the fit. Once your eye is comfortably behind the middle of the receiver and looking just slightly over the top of the rib, that's about all you can do in the fit department. Oh, of course, I forgot to ask about the Length of Pull (LOP). The length should be adjusted first before any changes are made to drop or cast. I like to have my nose about 1 1/2" from the knuckle at the base of my thumb when the gun is mounted in the shooting position. If it's farther than that, shorten the stock length. If it's less than that, increase the stock length. Minor variations are acceptable if it's comfortable to you.

There is also stock "pitch", but do the above first and we can deal with pitch later, if necessary.
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Thanks for posting a followup to let us know your results. :lol:
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