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Cheek Bone Bruising

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I have a IZH-27 shotgun in 20 ga. I love the gun but after extended firing sessions my cheek bone is brusied. I'm 5'10 and weigh 250 lbs. When shooting I'm having to tilt by head down so that I can see right down the rib if not I'm looking down on the front bead. I have heard that my comb could be too high and this can be fixed by sanding the top of the stock down until the correct sight picture can be established. I'm a little apprehensive in doing this my self because once it's gone you can't put it back. Does any one have any suggestions. I live around the Beaumont area of Texas.
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Well I don't lift Buicks but I have lifted a small Yugo in my younger days. I'm now content with lifting the remote and drinking ice tea. Javven you stated that I should get a good roll on my stock puzzles me. I have various shotguns and none of them cause this type of pain except my Browning O/U and my recently purchased IZH-27. What did you mean when you stated to float the birds. I'm sure that something can be done to the stock to allow the reciever to come up so that I don't have to lean my head so far over onto the stock. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Thanks to Ulysses and Waterglide for the suggestions. I measure the LOP and it measured 14 3/8" and the mesurement from my thumb knuckle to the end of my nose is very close to 1 1/2" which Ulysses stated was his preference. I went into my shop and began to sand down the top comb and after removing 1/16" it is starting to come into sight. I am going to return to the range in the next day or two to check it out. It may need additional adjustment, but time will tell. Standing in front of the mirror my eye seems to be in line with the receiver just fine. Why is pitch inportant and what are the results of pitch change.
After reading you comments I am interested in the Mogan Butt Plate. I was holding my shotgun to my shoulder and experimenting with the gun being held up higher on my shoulder which I assume will happen if the adjustable butt plate was installed . Wouldn't you have to increase the cast off to get a proper eye and rib relationship.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions. Darrell
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Just a little note to everyone who was good enough to send their suggestions to me in reference to the cheek bone bruising.
I trimmed down my comb to lessen the overall angle and am very pleased with it's result. I refinished the portion of the stock altered by using Olympic Interior Oil Base Stain in their Special Walnut color then placed three coats of Truoil over the entire stock. Once dried I buffed it with 000 steel wool to remove the excess shine and now the stock looks barnd new again.
Thanks to everyone for their suggestions it has been a great help.
May the sun be always at your back on the range :D [/quote]
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