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I recently posted on the General forum but didnt have too good of luck about this topic.

I recently bought a Star dot choke in modified for my browning bps.
On the front of the package it says "steel shot" Choke Tube

So I bought it thinking I could use steel in this ported choke.

So I read on the back (AFTER I bought it) it says Use Steel Shot Only
Now why in the world could you not shoot lead in this choke? I have seen chokes that says lead only but never steel only.

Then it has a small warning that says, "unload gun while installing this choke and while removing, then it says Use steel shot only with this choke tube."

I dont see why you couldn't shoot lead in it since its softer than steel.

Anyone have this choke and do you shoot lead in it?
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When you shoot steel out of a choke tube intended for lead you will get a tighter pattern, say, if you are using a modified with lead it will actually pattern as full with steel. So I think the reason it says steel only is that you will get a better pattern with steel. The lead may produce a bad pattern. It won't hurt that choke to shot lead out of it at all. Try the pattern with lead and then steel in that steel choke and look at the difference. I use steel designated choke tubes in my Browning o/u for lead, won't hurt a thing. Hope this helps. :D
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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