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Hi Chopper,
I have a Citori 16 ga. Lightning Feather with 28 inch barrels. It is the best upland gun I have ever had. It carries like a feather and drops the birds like rocks. It is built on a true 16 gauge frame, and has invector choke tubes. Mine was built in 2002 for the Hicks & Sons run. I weighed it on a digital scale and it weighed 6.0 pounds. The standard Lightning model with an all steel receiver certainly weighs more and may be more to your liking. It is only my guess but I would think the standard Lightning model would be close to 7 pounds.
A month or two ago Pacific Arms still had some available on their website. They had a special run made for them after the Hick's run, and the prices have gone up some.
I have not had any problem finding standard shot sizes 6 & 8's locally. I also have Citoris in 12 & 20 gauge, and my 16 gauge receiver is much much closer to the 20 rather than the 12. One of these days I'll have to measure them all for comparison.
A wonderful upland gun. Good luck.

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