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Citori Upland 24" barrels

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I enjoy grouse and woodcock hunting in northern my deer hunting schedule permits. I've happily used the old family 16ga Model 12; but have been having thoughts of shorter and lighter guns, given the dense cover we hunt (and further given that any excuse to get a new gun is valid.)

I've been eyeing a used 16ga Citori Upland with 24" barrels. One of my more knowledgable friends says that barrel length is too short and will be hard to shoot well. Another buddy says the length would be an advantage for quick shots in the thick stuff.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks!
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Short barreled, light weight shotguns tend to be rather "whippy" to shoot. They do require getting accustomed to, but can be very manageable once the shooter takes the time to practice. The length of the barrel really doesn't matter, as the grouse hunter shouldn't be looking at the barrel (and sights) anyway.
My recommendation is to purchase the Citori, and practice with it. In denser brush, you will appreciate its weight and quick handling ability. Furthermore, the Citori is a well-made, reliable shotgun and will give you a lifetime of service.
I have that exact model and if you don't buy it, I will; just let me know where it is. The short length does make it whippy but I shoot about 10,000 rounds a year through a 30", 9.5# Citori and the transition is not too long. Several rounds of skeet and 5-stand and I'm set for game. The main problem I've found with the gun is its rather short length of pull, about 13.5". That is a full inch too short for me and I had to add a recoil pad to get it to fit. I find the Upland to be a good carry gun and have been happy with mine for over 15 years.
I would love to buy your citori 16 as well. One thing I am not clear on is the weight of your model 12. I think those guns are like 5 pounds. I am thinking of getting one myself. They have one at a local shop for 350$. far cheaper than the Citori, but you can't shoot steel.
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