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Citori what Grade?

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I picked up a browning citori lightening sporitng clays edition and when I look at the different sites for brownings they list them by grade. How does one determine what grade a citori is? Mine was made in 1995 by the serial number it that helps.
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Several years ago your gun was a catalog gun and was available in standard and golden clay grades. No more. It is only available today through Gander Mountain as a non-catalog gun and I believe in only the standard grade (gold lettering on the side "Lightning Sporting Clays Edition").

Typically, when referring to Browning grades, one is talking about their field models ..... Grade IV or VII (use to be III and VI).

Also, your gun was available in hi-rib or low-rib. I had a hi-rib model ..... nice gun, I just couldn't hit any thing with it, so it had to go to a new home.
Thanks mine has the gold lettering and fromthe serial number like I said was made in 1995 , mine is the low rib with the orted barrel .
Thanks again
arend.......what's the barrel length on your gun?
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