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Clays vs. Red Dot

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Some of the guys I shoot with say I should drop my old standby, RedDot, and go to Clays...cleaner, softer shooting, less bulky, etc., etc.

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Thanks for the input. Ordering from Recob's, Clays is $6 more than RD in 8# jugs...a strike against it (since there are no local sources for reasonable prices). Looking at load data, I have yet to find any significant advantage of one powder over the other and cleanliness isn't that big a deal to me (except that my kid's hand gets really grubby from feeding his 1100).

Here's my main reason for asking about this:

Right now, with 17.0 gr RedDot, I don't always get good, non-protruding, crimps on AA (and the cheap Remington) hulls dropping 1 oz. of shot into Green Duster wads. My solution to this has been to use Blue Dusters in these hulls or the Greens for 7/8 oz loads.

(Right now, 90+% of our loads are 1oz, and since I order nearly all my components, I'm trying to simplify. Also, I get excellent results with Greens in STS and Nitro hulls.)

Is Clays enough less bulky that I could stick with the Greens/AA/1 oz combination and produce a well crimped shell? If so, should I also expect dished-in STS's and Nitro's?
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Thanks, TT. I believe I'm convinced to stick with RD and keep using the 2 different wads. I may pick up a couple of #'s of Clays just to satisfy my curiosity.
TReX300 said:
TOM-M...are you loading on a MEC? I was wondering what bushing you useing that drops 17grns? I'm dropping 18.2 of RD on my machine which is a #32 bushing and dont have any problems with crimps and 1oz loads. I dont run into crimp issues until I get into my heavier loads which are 21.5-22 grns of GreenDot which are a #35 and #36 bushing.

Sizemaster. Using a universal charge bar. Weights are spot on averaged over several drops according to my el cheapo, digital, scale.

I should have added, but didn't, not having problems with the cheap Remingtons until about the 5th or 6th reload...the plastic has probably had it by then anyway.

Thanks. I'm convinced I need to at least try it.
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