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Clays vs. Red Dot

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Some of the guys I shoot with say I should drop my old standby, RedDot, and go to Clays...cleaner, softer shooting, less bulky, etc., etc.

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I use Red Dot exclusively. IT'S AMERICAN MADE which means something to me. :)

I use a MEC Grabber and like TReX300 use a #32 bushing which drops around 18.2-18.4 grains. I also use Green duster wads for both 1 oz and 7/8 oz loads with #8 shot and have great crimps (the 7/8 are a little indented but not enough to cause a problem, IMHO) This is with AA's or STS and several other Remington hulls.

I shoot only trap and am happy with this combo from that prospective with these loads from the 16-20 yd line, after that or shooting doubles I load something a little hotter.

The price difference between Clays and Red Dot is not my first priority, I just prefer the American products first.

Happy shooting......................Levi
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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