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Clays vs. Red Dot

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Some of the guys I shoot with say I should drop my old standby, RedDot, and go to Clays...cleaner, softer shooting, less bulky, etc., etc.

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Ulysses said:
but for light to moderate loads at moderate velocities in Win AA or Rem STS hulls, I haven't found ANY powder that will equal Clays.
E3 doesn't equal clays?
Ulysses said:
That's correct! Clays is not only more versatile, but it is usually cheaper too. For example, in the Win AA hulls, loading 7/8 ounce of shot, E3 has a velocity range of 1200 fps to 1300 fps, while Clays has a range of 1200 fps to 1350 fps. Therefore, Clays is more versatile.
All your saying is the load data has a broader range, that has nothing to do with the versatility of the powder.
If you look at the 1300fps loads in Alliants E3 data, they're only running 8300 to 8700 PSI, you could easily get 1350fps with E3 in 7/8oz, no problem, you could also go slower than the data if you want, all you need is a chronograph, your lucky if your getting the posted velocities in load data anyway, a chronograph is a good idea irregardless.
As for more expensive,
Clays requires approx 18.0 grs to get 1200fps in a 1oz load,
E3 only requires 16.5grs to get the same velocity.
Clays 18.0 grs
Loads per 8lb cannister : 3111
E3 16.5 grs
Loads per 8lb cannister : 3393
that's roughly a $9-$10 difference in 8lbs of powder,in other words, E3 costing $9-$10 more for 8lbs would cost the same per load as Clays.

Recob's Target shop:
Clays $97
E3 $100

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1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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