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Clays vs. Red Dot

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Some of the guys I shoot with say I should drop my old standby, RedDot, and go to Clays...cleaner, softer shooting, less bulky, etc., etc.

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TOM-M...are you loading on a MEC? I was wondering what bushing you useing that drops 17grns? I'm dropping 18.2 of RD on my machine which is a #32 bushing and dont have any problems with crimps and 1oz loads. I dont run into crimp issues until I get into my heavier loads which are 21.5-22 grns of GreenDot which are a #35 and #36 bushing.

TOM-M I should have added said:
I found that the plastic does wear about the same number of loads as well but I've also found that backing off the finishing crimp on my 650 a tad will get me an extra couple loads out of them. The lower amount of rollover on the hull ends doesnt pop the crimps open unless they totaly shot out.

1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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