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cleaning plastic fouling

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Hello, I'm looking for something to remove plastic fouling in the barrel and choke tubes.Tried #9 , brake cleaner,kerosene,and gasoline.. Thanks John
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My new Beretta really picks up the wad fouling, I shot 100 rounds with Claybuster 1100 wads, and for some reason there is a very specific area of the optima choke tube that is coated with plastic, it kinda worries me. I guess I need a bottle of that plastic solvent.
TC said:
Furner, I am having the same kind of problem with my new beretta. It seems that the plastic really builds up in these guns. Mine seems worse around the forceing cone area. I wondered since it was back bored if my brush was not working very effectively. I will have to give the bore scrubber a try.
Mine was so bad that if I was shooting more than 100 shells, I would take a break to clean the wad crap out of the tube. These optima chokes are super-long, maybe the difference in material has something to do with it, or maybe the tube and barrel need a little bit of oil.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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