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cleaning plastic fouling

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Hello, I'm looking for something to remove plastic fouling in the barrel and choke tubes.Tried #9 , brake cleaner,kerosene,and gasoline.. Thanks John
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OK. I know I'll get gigged for saying this. But here goes...

I use Hoppe's #9 with a bronze brush. I patch the barrel a few times first to get the plastic residue soaked down and then half-patch the brush (thread end of the brush) with a patch soaked in the #9. I then take an old aluminum cleaning rod and use my cordless drill at LOW RPM clockwise. I run it through chamber-first all the way to the muzzle very slowly.

When the brush clears the muzzle, I don't bring it back through. I disconnect from the drill and pull it out the muzzle. I then check for any residue remaining and do it again if necessary with a clean patch. Once the residue is cleared out, I bore-snake it and run a final thick T-shirt patch through. When the patch comes out clean, I lightly oil down the inside and out for storage.

Check and lube the choke tube(s) if your shotgun has 'em.

Takes less than 10 minutes to get a mirror bore that's like new.

Remember...LOW RPM. (100-125rpm or so)

Great forum here. Love it!

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1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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