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Colorado State University Shotgun Sports needs Shells!

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Our collegiate team is looking for a source to buy 12 ga. shells at wholesale or near. Our team once upon a time reloaded for all of the students but as we near forty members loading four thousand + shells a week is getting a bit ridiculous. We're not quite sure where to look and have been given the runaround by the larger shell companies. If anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated. Matt Dunscomb
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[email protected]

You may want to try these guys. Tell them we sent you.
You may have better luck in getting components free. Call USA Shooting at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs to see if they will give you some hulls, they have a lot--call Chris Hodgon at Hodgon powder to see if he can help--call Lawrence shot and they have a lady in charge of this but I don't remember her name. All these can help if they are persuaded to although it may only be a one time deal but heck it can be a lot of $$ value. If you will get something regular going with the component mfg.'s then you could afford to get a reloader you can do some good with --Spolar--trouble free and fast with the hydraulic option and designed for 1,000,000 loads.

The shell manufacturers have gotten tough on their relationships. :D
Contact Olympia shells in Georgia. I'm sure they would be interested in making shells to your specification for a large order.

I don't recall their web address right offhand, but Google it and I'm sure you will find them. When you find it, give them a phone call and speak to John or Kal.

P.S. They make good quality shells.
I second the B&P suggestion. Best shells on the market.
What if you pooled your efforts with the Univ of Wyoming trap team, Buckeye Trap & Skeet, and Cheyenne Trap Club to buy a truckload from Federal or whomever? What about talking to the manager at SuperWalmart about volume purchases? or JAX? or KMart? or Cliff at Hamblin Gun Sales? or Gart Bros? or Cabelas in Sidney?
Sportsman's Warehouse has 3 dram 1 1/8 oz Estate for $3.19 box. I was there today. $3.19 a box has to be darn close to wholesale. If you figure reloading costs $2.70 a box, if you already have the empty hulls, 50 cents more isn't worth the time it takes to reload.
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