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Colt 45 revolver

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A friend of mine's dad recently passed away. My friend is not interested in guns. He found an old Colt revolver in a shoe box in his dad's closet. He gave me the gun.
On the barrel it is marked "Colt DA 45". The serial # is XX176. In the box were some old 45 LC bullets. The weapon resembles the Colt Double Action New Army, Model 1905, but the front sight is not a round blade, but fin shape like a shark's top dorsil. Is this a civilian verison of the New Army? Could this relvolver shoot 45 LC?
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italiansport said:
If this pistol has a lanyard ring in the butt tell us what's marked around it. Is this a swing out cylinder revolver? Are the grips smooth walnut?
Thanks for your reply to my inquiry re: whether this relvolver would shoot 45 LC.

The barrel is 6" and the cylinder swings out. The cylinder crane has a different serial no. (XX817) than the frame (XX176).

The grips are checkered wood. There is no lanyard loop in the butt, but it appears to have been plugged where the loop would have been.

I suspect this is a civilian version of the military/RCMP model manufactured around 1905.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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