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Colt 45 revolver

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A friend of mine's dad recently passed away. My friend is not interested in guns. He found an old Colt revolver in a shoe box in his dad's closet. He gave me the gun.
On the barrel it is marked "Colt DA 45". The serial # is XX176. In the box were some old 45 LC bullets. The weapon resembles the Colt Double Action New Army, Model 1905, but the front sight is not a round blade, but fin shape like a shark's top dorsil. Is this a civilian verison of the New Army? Could this relvolver shoot 45 LC?
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Without seeing it, what it sounds like you have is a Model 1878 DA. Does the trigger guard come off? What length is the barrel? Sometimes the barrels were changed out. If it is a 6" barrel it is referred to as Alaskan/Phillipines model. (Large loop trigger guard for gloved hands). Sounds like a keeper. And yes, it will shoot .45 Colt.
By the way, value in 50% condition is about $1000.
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