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I have a shotgun with "Columbia" stamped on one side of the trigger housing. The housing appears to be silver plated. On the other side is machine stamped: Patented L.?.C. (cannot make out the middle letter, had to use a magnifying glass to read it) Aug 1.96 Aug 14.00 May2.02. The numbers 5 672 are stamped on the inside of the trigger guard, under the trigger guard, on the barrell under the wood housing and on the inside of the wood housing. These numbers appear to be hand stamped because the spacing between the numbers is not consistant nor are they perfectly aligned. Some are a fraction lower or higher than the others. can anyone tell me anything about this shotgun?

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My listing shows two possibilities:
1. Columbia Arms Company: Registered trade name of Henry Keidel, Baltimore, Maryland. This was a hardware store founded about 1860 and in operation at least until 1965.
2. Columbia: Trade name used by H.C. Squires on shotguns. Can't find anything about Squires as a gun manufacturer or retailer. Might be the same person as an 1875 member of the Kansas Legislature, but maybe not. Have a couple of books I can check tonight. Will post again tomorrow if I find more.
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