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otis332 said:
After numerous hours of going to the gun shops and reading articles on many guns I think I have it narrowed down to 2 semi's. Both by price and quality. I was looking at an 11-87 but the gun dealer I was at can get me an M2 for few bucks more(we'll not a few bucks, but not unreasonably more).

I want a 3" gun and the price on both seem to be reasonable. What is the good and bad of both that I am looking at? Sometimes I think that I am comparing a Ford vs Chev argument.
Here are my comments about the M2 that I own.

I have an M2 field with a wood stock and 28 inch barrel. I use it for Trap, 5-Stand, Sproting Clays and hunting. I have compared the recoil of this configuration against the comfortech stocks using the same loads through a round of 5-stand (25 Birds) and cannot tell the difference in recoil. I did notice slightly less recoil with the Beretta 390's though. But not enough difference to offset all of the jamming issues that I have seen with them at the range and sporting clays courses.

I average about 3 flats a month for the clay sports with out any gun related failures to fire. THis is over a 1.5 year period that I have had this gun. I use 2.75" 2.75Dram Eq., 1 ounce #8s for my clays shooting.

In the hunting department I bagged 14 pheasant last year, but so far none this year.

This year I went on a goose hunt where I ussed 3" #2 and #B heavy shot. I could not tell the difference in recoil between these shells and the 1 ounce target loaads that I use. THis is after going through 2 boxes of each. I was able to get 3 nice canadians. Part of this trip was also a duck hunt and it performed great there as well. This time I was using 2.75" #4 heavy shot with out any noticeable differences in recoil. I was only able to get 2 ducks though. One was a nice mallard drake and the other was a pintail drake. Since the linmit here includes only 1 pintail, and most all of the ducks that were cooperating were pintails that limited my bag.

So I think that you can say the M2 is a pretty good gun for your needs.

Pick the one that best fits your needs and shooting style and if you can try shooting them at a range before you buy.

Mike :D
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