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I have a 410 marked Compeer Arms Co. with a serial number 711921. The top of the barrel is marked Genuine Armory Steel. It has on the left side a marking of 410 followed by a G inside a diamond. On the underside of the forend where it meets the action the metal is stamped 1921, with the 21 printed under the 19. The barrel is 26 inch.

I saw Compeer on a list of Crescent brands. Is the 1921 the date? I'm curious to know any info about this neat little flea market find. I paid $50 and it cleaned up very nicely. Thanks.

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It looks like the 1921 might be just a continuation of the serial to show matching parts...but that's just a guess.

I think you did pretty good on price.

the crescent history has been posted several times and I believe it's in the Archive forum..
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