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A very effective way of attracting Whitetail Bucks to your hunting area is by creating Mock Scrapes. You can use a Bucks natural instinct to mark and defend its territory to your advantage. Whitetails bucks cruise along their core territory sampling the air for the scent of intruder bucks during the mating season. When they discover another bucks scrape they will add thier own scent to it to let all the other bucks know "this is my territory so stay out".

Here is how to build a mock scrape.

Supplies Needed:
Latex or vinyl gloves.
A stick or rake.
Rubber Boots
Scent Lock Suit (or completely descent your clothing).

Find a well used deer trail near a vegtation transition edge. The edge may be a pine forest to hardwood transition, clear cut to low hanging tree and old logging road or somehting as simple as flat ridge top. Whitetail bucks will almost always select and are to make thier scrape that has a low haning limb directly over the slected spot. They use this limb to chew on and rub thier forehead gland on to leave scent. The branch should be about 3 feet from the ground. Using a stick or rake (don't use your boots or hands) dig away the leaves, exposing the ground in an area about two feet square. Pour in some Code Blue Attraction Buck Urine to activate the scrape. (Best kept secret in the scent business.) the full guide with pics here
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