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I see commercial survival kits come in a variety of containers and wanted to see what others thought. I'm talking about something that would go into a large pocket in a hunting jacket, not a pack of survival gear.

I would think that a square-ish metal tin (like an Altoids tin) or circular tin would be nearly perfect. I have an Altoids tin and seen the DIY kits people ave posted online, but looking at this you can only heat a few ounces of water at a time. A metal container itself can be used for signaling or used for cooking (melting snow/ice, sterilizing water, making chicken broth from bullion) where you can't do that very well with a Nalgene bottle or nylon carry pouch.

These caught my eye (scroll down to the empty tins):

It is larger, has more space than an Altoids tin and I would think the screw on lid would be more secure/watertight but still be compact enough to always carry in a small pack or large pocket.

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