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Coot hunting and a Coot recipe?

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Have you ever hunted or currently hunt Coots?
Only accidentally17.14%
All the time214.29%
Once in a while321.43%
Once, I thought it was a duck17.14%
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I am just curious about how many of have hunted Coots.
I also heard that there is a recipe for Coots but you use so much seasoning you can't taste the meat. But I suppose that's a good thing with Coots :wink: Have any of you ever heard of making them like this.

No Coot recipe jokes please. We've heard them :wink:
Check my personal album, that's under the profile button down below.

Them coots is under-used and under-rated, they cook up the same as ducks, use the same recipes. I grill them and the ********* in LA make coot and turnips (I admit I like turnips, just dont care for coot in my greens), when the LA boys came to AR they jump shot the coots out of the ditches, couldn't wait to get out of the pit to shoot the coots.

I will admit to taking coot once in a while. I breast them and make jerky out of them. They are tolerable enough for that. Just use what ever jerky recipe you like. I also use them as jerky treats for my dogs, without the seasoning of course. They just love them.

Those are alotta coots but I could'nt believe how many wood ducks you had. If you get a wood duck out here that's something you brag about for months!!
Maybe I'll try making roast coot after my next duck trip.
I shoot coots all the time they taste good and are easier than hell to kill
I shoot them on occasion. My favorite recipie is the same one I also use for woodcock, snipe, rails, etc. I found it in a cookbook by former Minneapolis Tribune outdoors writer, Bob Schrank called "Wild in the Kitchen". It makes fantastic appetizers.

4 coot breasts (8 if using snipe, woodcock, rail)
1/2 cup flour
salt and pepper
3 tbsp butter
1/8 cup water
2 tsp prepared mustard
1 tsp Worchester sauce

Combine flour, salt, and pepper and coat boned breasts. Saute in 2 tbsp butter for 12-15 minutes, check for doneness.

Combine water, mustard, Worchester sauce and 1 tbsp butter. Warm slowly and stir while heating. Pour sauce over breasts and serve with toast points if desired.

I have served this many times and no one will believe coots are the main ingredient. It is a great use of an underutilized resource.
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