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Cost of Shot

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I was just wondering what you guys pay for a bag of shot because it seems to be the most expensive component for me to buy. I am giving $15 for a 25 lb. bag in pittsburg kansas if anyone relatively close to me gets it any cheaper let me know I kill about 500 rounds a week so it would probly be worth my while. But anyone please tell I am curious.

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25lb chilled #8 - $12.99. Minnesota.


I just did the math last week on the cost of reloading my trap shells. I averaged costs for 1000 rounds to be $3.43/box.
At TLSG in Atlanta, it's about $17/25lbs for Lawrence Magnum. I get shot from a commercial reloader in AL for $12/25lbs packaged in 50lb kegs. It's 6% Antimony Star Shot from Argentina. Never had any problems with it.
Look at page 2 in the forum.
What's the price of lead shot in your area.
For what it's worth in New York it cost $15 - $20. a 25 lbs.bag.
thanks for the help do any of you guys know where I might be able to procure reclaimed shot?
Perhaps you should look at
I've searched all over Atlanta and can't find a decent source for scrap lead, so the shotmaker wouldn't be much use to me. :(

The only other issue I have is that you're never sure what you're actually getting when you deal with scrap lead.
Just bought a bunch on sale for $8 per 25# bag in San Antonio.
Magnum shot, $14.25 for 25lbs
Eagle Magnum shot, #9's, $13.50 per 25 lbs.

Lawrence Mag. Shot in #7.5, #8 and #9 was $12.50 a bag last time I bought some.

Are you the Chase that volunteers at Wolf Creek?

Where are you getting the $12.50 price at? ITC?
Yes, I do occasionally volunteer at TLSG, though I haven't really done much of that lately.

As to the shot, yes, I have bought some from ITC (last batch from there and it might have been $13.00 a bag, I don't remember) or from some friends in TN (they go in on a ton or two) for about the same price.

shot prices are going up

and will continue to go up a lot

china is buying all the lead thay can get their hands on
for their
nucular reactors

any thing made of lead will proably keep going up
in price
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