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Crimps Opening

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I recently loaded a number of AA hulls with the WW yellow wad and 1 1/4 quarter of shot and 27 grains of WSF. I did the same 7 years ago and had no problems at all. In fact, I still have a few of these left. However, in the recent batch the crimps are starting to open. Any suggestions or possible causes?
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I'd say there is to much stuff in that there shell! Or if the load is exactly the same Grain for grain, maybe something got out of adjustment on your machine over the last seven years or the shell dimensions may have changed from 7 yrs ago to now if the hull is of current production. What type of reloader do you have?
Max about 3-4 years ago Wincheater quietly changed thier yellow F114 wad so that it was almost the same as thier white 1 1/8 oz wad. If you want to use that tried and true combonation you will need some Downrange DRA-12-Yellow 1 1/4 oz wads that are true to the design of the original Win F114
One other little tid-bit of info.

While the AA CF and HS hulls do in fact use the same load data, there is a small catch there. The new HS case in fact has a tad less capacity than the older CF cases.

So if using the AA HS cases, and using the newer version of the WAA12F114 wad, you have lost capacity in two places. The case has less capacity to begin with, and the wad is taller, leaving less space for the shot. Now the case is too full and the crimps are popping open.

This is akin to placing 6 lbs of crap in a 5 lb. bag.

To ease this problem, use the Down Range version of the WAA12F114, which is the DRA-12 Yellow, and is an exact clone of the original W/W wad, and is a tad shorter than the new version of the w/w wad.

Then, if necessary, cut the shot charge by 8 or 10 BB's and gain some more space, to where the crimp has enough room to properly form.

In this way, all components will fit in the case, and not put upward pressure on the crimp, which in time will force the crimp to bulge or even pop open.

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Thank you for the info. I figured someone here could solve the problem. I did in fact compare the wad to the smaller wad and could not see much difference. I also wondered about the new hulls. I have enough shells left from seven years ago to get me thru this years pheasant hunt in SD. After that, I may just shoot factory with the price of shot where it is. Thanks again.
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