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Current "Shall-Issue" States

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State name Resident permits Non-resident permits Shall-issue
1 Alaska yes no yes
2 Arizona yes yes yes
3 Arkansas yes no yes
4 Colorado yes no yes
5 Connecticut yes yes yes
6 Florida yes yes yes
7 Georgia yes no yes
8 Idaho yes yes yes
9 Indiana yes yes yes
10 Kentucky yes no yes
11 Louisiana yes no yes
12 Maine yes yes yes
13 Michigan yes no yes
14 Mississippi yes no yes
15 Montana yes no yes
16 Nevada yes yes yes
17 New Hampshire yes yes yes
18 North Carolina yes no yes
19 North Dakota yes yes yes
20 Oklahoma yes no yes
21 Oregon yes yes yes
22 Pennsylvania yes yes yes
23 South Carolina yes no yes
24 South Dakota yes no yes
25 Tennessee yes no yes
26 Texas yes yes yes
27 Utah yes yes yes
28 Virginia yes no yes
29 Washington yes yes yes
30 West Virginia yes no yes
31 Wyoming yes no yes
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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