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Well like most my dog trips it starts well before
sun up...
This trip I was heading south east of town to the King
ranch to hook up with a rancher and try and kill some
On the way up I was fallowing a smaller SUV and wishing
it was going about 5 mph faster, thinking I would slip
around it as soon as the road went to 4 lane.
Just as it did I started to stand on the SUB. I was
watching hard out the window the SUV shuttered a little
and something came spinning from out under the rear. Dang
a deer I missed the bulk of it but ran over what felt
like all 4 legs.
WOW !Did not see that coming. A mile or so he pulled over
. I pulled up along side to see what assistance he needed
.He was on the cell calling someone and flagged me on by,
cool I had a tee time with some Coyotes.
I get there still early. There was some fog right the
turn but no snow on the road,,, On the road. In the field
was a different story. This spring we called in two
coyotes just in back of his house on his shooting range,
that's where we started . Made a good effort but no
coyotes. We could hear some to the south of us.
To kinda let it cool off we thought we would try up Belt
Park. This is where we tried to get this spring but the
snow kept us out and the week before that it's where the rancher
and I Practiced digging a big truck out of a snow
drift...We got in this time and found a sweet place to
call. Just before we got in to it I noticed a truck
tucked in to the timber. Darned hunters already where out
. Not knowing where they may be we packed up and went

This time we went to where my buddy thought the coyotes where
making the racked on the first set.
Started and had some WAY out in the distance call back.
I played more challenge calls and soon we had two under
200 yards trash talking back, unseen.
Back and forth for near an hour then BAM they where gone.

Next we went to a place we took a pot shot at a coyote this spring.
Called and called nothing...
Nice way to spend the morning.


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Thanks for the coyote story. Those things are so wily.

I don't hunt them specifically but did manage to hit one with a load of no. 4 birdshot while hunting squirrels a few years ago. He came right at me in the woods and I shot at about 10-15 yards. He went down hard, but popped back up and ran off to the side. I hated just wounding him, but I'm sure he didn't make it far cause he took an ounce and a quarter in the head and chest.

I guess I should say they are wily and tough.
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