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Date of Mfg-Browning A-5 Light 12 Belg?

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I recently purchased a Browning A-5 Light 12 from an elderly gentlemen who had owned the gun for "years and years". I could not believe the condition it was in--absolutely pristine!

I went to Browning USA web site to find out when it may have been manufactured. The serial number on the gun is OG 17XXX. Based on my reading of Browning's chart, the gun was manufactured in 1960. However, the chart is not friendly!

I simply cannot believe that THIS gun was manufactured 43 years ago. The old gent must have kept it locked in the closet for 40 of those years. The stock and forend have but one small ding on the forend--otherwise looks like it was produced last year! All metal is in like condition!! Shoots like a dream.

Am I reading Browning's chart correctly? Just can't believe it--the gun's condition simply does not foot with the indicated age- 43 years!

Someone help me, please
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Congrats! you did what usually takes an abacus and borrowed fingers and toes, decipher Brownings dating site. A much more user friendly (except for the WWII years) is the Bluebooks dating site. There's a link to it on the FAQ page lower down in the forums .
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