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I have an old (approx 1870-80) 10 ***** SxS Shotgun with Damascus barrels. The lock plates, both right and left are marked only with the name DEAN. Moderately engraved lockplates with external hammers (and an apparently old hammer replacement over one barrel). "Laminated Steel No. 903" on the rib. Break open lever curving around the right side operates a bottom center mounted latching mechanism. Under each barrel on the frame are proof or Maker's marks which appear to be crossed Battle Axes or Keys surmounted by a Crown. The same appears under each barrel along with the -to be expected- stack of proof marks which are pretty much indescribable, though probably easily recognizable to an expert in old English guns. The metal is patinated with the barrels carrying a very pretty "old gun" brown patina. The Damascus figure is still very clear and apparent, and I think that the "...No. 903" probably refers to the Damascus pattern. No major pitting or bad rusting to be found. The piece appears to have been a beautifully made and is tightly fitted to a top quality walnut stock, either French or English wood with super figure and crotch, but definitely shaped in the English style and with a moderate amount of cast-off. Quite a few dings to the wood, but no major cracks or insurmountable damage. I have been unable to find ANY information on the maker anywhere within my resource reach and nothing comes up on the net. I would sincerely appreciate getting any information pertaining to this gun which I am pretty sure is a fine old English Fowling piece. A range of dates would be appreciated as well as an approximate range in value. Obviously it has been well valued and taken care of by its previous owner. He was an old time gunsmith whose already elderly daughter tells his story of him blowing out a chamber on the cylinder of one of a matched pair of ORIGINAL 1863 (1858 pattern) Remington revolvers when he was a 9 year old child in the early 190?s by trying to fire it with that new smokeless powder. My good luck that he lived long enough to learn from that mistake and become a gunsmith and enable me to come into posession of this shotgun. (No, the revolvers are NO LONGER AVAILABLE!! My partner snagged them, the lucky dog, and told me about it afterwards!) Thank You, Randy.

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There seems to be a DEAN adams but I do not know if that is the maker of your gun.

Dean Adams and Dean, 30 King William Street, London Bridge

Dean Adams and Dean Gun Maker's to Prince Albert


also :
515, SHOTGUN double brl., percussion, side-locks, 29 ½" 6 bore twist brls, locks marked "Dean". Heavy walnut butt with checkered straight wrist. "Stub Twist" brls. Varnished wood, metal blue turning dark, functions crisply. Estimate................ $75-$150

good luck
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