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Are you aware that there are two styles of the AA hull? The older ones are of the one-piece base design whereas the newer ones are two-piece. The newer ones require that the crimp starter be lowered to get enough material folded in to completely close the crimp. I am very familiar with the loader you are using having used one for some time. I am now using a 900 with the full length sizing dies. If you truly feel that the crimp is too deep you can very easily adjust it upward. Follow the instructions in the owners manual or call them for advise.
Once adjusted to your satisfaction you can load both the new and old styles of AA's with no problems. You should also be able to load the Remington STS hulls w/out changing the settings.
In answer to your question as to whether or not you can crimp too deep, sure. This would result in too much material to be folded in. Be aware that there is more than one crimp adjustment to be made on the Ponsness you are using. I have found on mine that not putting as much taper on the "nose" of the shell results in several more loadings before splitting occurs.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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