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55 hunters shot this year By Associated Press, 12/11/2002 15:47ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) With regular deer season finished, the state Department of Environmental Conservation reports 55 injuries in hunting accidents so far this year and one fatality. In the state's Southern Zone, there were 27 accidental shootings, and for only the second time on record no hunting-related fatalities, in big game season, DEC spokesman Peter Constantakes said. The Northern Zone recorded seven injuries and one fatality. Robert L. Jeffers, 53, of Orleans, was shot to death while hunting deer with friends Nov. 24 in Jefferson County, about 90 miles north of Syracuse, state police said. Hunting injuries in New York average 55 a year, and fatalities average four, Constantakes said. Regular deer season ended Tuesday in the Southern Zone, Dec. 1 in the Northern Zone. Archery and muzzleloading deer seasons continue in some areas. The totals also include accidents caused while hunting small game. for only the second time on record no hunting-related fatalities Thats right, for every year previous someone, and likely looking at the stats more than one has died while hunting in the state of NY. Thats just sad!! There is a fine line between a hobby and insanity.
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