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I agree with the Mossberg 500 theory. Mine is a M550ABD which is made by Mossberg for Montgomery Ward. It is a Westernfield but if you did not read the engraving you would swear it was a Mossberg. It is one of the best shooting shotguns I have had the pleasure of shooting and I have shot quite a few different makes and models. Mine is .12 ga full choke, 30 in barrell and it throws a fine pattern. I have the slug barrell and I killed my first deer with it at Fort Knox, an 11 pointer. It's not too heavy to tote all day. I bought it new in 1971 for a whopping price of $77.00. It still looks like new and I love shooting it. Last time I went to a turkey shoot, I came in 2d every order. ( I think that judge was jealous and lied to me.) Some of them was almost too close to call even with the measuring devices. Kick ain't too bad and it has good range. If you can get one for under $200 at today's prices, go for it. It is a fine shotgun.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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