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Although I agree with the Mossberg fans, may I suggest Harrington and Richardsons single shot 20 ***** ultra slug hunter.

I have the 12 ***** version and shooting hot load it's accuracy and balistics are better than such venerable deer RIFLES as the 30-30 and 45/70. 20 ***** loads from Remington will shoot some great groups with a 260 grain slug that have 1500+ ft/lbs of energy left at 100 yards.

Since he's already used to the hammer style single shot from his NEF he'll be ready for this gun. It has a nice feature in that if the trigger is not held rearward the gun will not fire, making it a little safer than older hammer actions.

Also this gun can have a second smooth barrel purchased with it for very little money.

Only real problem is that his smooth bore will have a monte carlo style stock.

Worth the look
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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