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How about the possibility of purchasing an 870 Express in 12 gauge and a youth stock /fore end set. T.Price did say that he is looking to stay in twelve *****, correct? With the 870 you could even purchase it in a 24" barrel as to not be very barrel heavy on a youth stock. And with the 870 you get the availability of rem chokes. Many diffenent constriction patterns available for any type of shooting, from skeet all the way to extended length rifled. I have one of the extended rifle chokes and it made my gun (26" smooth barrel) keep 3" fostner slugs in a group of less than 9" edge to edge, out to just under 75 yards.

Like em or not you've got to admit a few things about an 870. Very reliable, in-expensive, hold up well over time, simple to strip, clean and reassemble, and you can purchase accessories for them just about anywhere. That's my $.02 worth!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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