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I was shooting clays yesterday and after about 60 rounds the mechanism/lever that loads a new shell from the holding tube changed the way I was loading the gun. First this is a new gun with only 25 rounds shot through it on a previous day.

At first I could drop a shell in the chamber, hit the silver button on the side to close the bolt, then load the holding tube, shoot 5 shells with no problem. Suddenly the lever that allows you to load the holding tube would not depress unless I held down the silver button. This allowed the gun to be loaded but would release the last shell in the tube to sit under the bolt. Somehow this lever that directs the next shell into the chamber does not work as it did. Called the company, but no reply on the weekend. Gun came with no manual but was lucky enough to find sgopus in another thread that shared a gas version of the manual so does not show how to break down this version (inertia drive).

Can anyone help with a video or manual of how to break this gun down? Thanks in advance for taking time to reply.
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