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Did anybody do ANYTHING today?

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I did!! For the first time in a couple years I went trap shooting. After about a 20 year lay-off four clubs are getting together to revive the Hangover Trap League. I shoot for the skeet team at one of them so what the heck. Today was the first shoot and happened to be at my club. There's a total of eight shoots, two at each club, and a shoot-off. $2/week/shooter goes to prizes, so I don't think many ringers are going to spoil the fun. All four of these clubs are just around the north end of Seneca Lake from me. Three are within 10 miles and one I've never been to is maybe 30 miles down some beautiful country roads. I hope spring gets here because the top-down Mustang is ready to roll!

I don't think I ever posted a pic of my home-made custom trap gun. I found this in a little Mom & Pop gun shop when I was killing time at the Waverly NY Auto Auction. Paid $200 NIB never fired. It's the Nat. Wild Turkey Foundation raffle gun from 2007 made by H&R. I put the custom pad on with a spacer for some extra LOP, not a bad do-it-yourself effort, if I must say so! I added some serious weight in the stock, those H&R's kick like mules! Got a hammer extension, an IM choke, and I load really light 7/8 oz. loads.

First station today I missed three birds, then nailed 18/20 the rest of the way. I kinda forgot how to float the birds. Ended up with a 37/50. I'll take it. I had a blast!.........................the Mailman

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Wow Cdb, those must be some large trees! Good luck with all that.
Sounds like you're really getting the new house in order.
They might think you're not really coming to see them, spending all that time with the weaponry and such. :)
Be sure to make them feel involved with pulling and target setting. Ha ha ha.
Riflemeister, I actually caught one, accidentally, in one of those traps with peanuts. The problem is, how do you approach the trap and dispose of him without you yourself becoming 'Stinky?'
Can't stay away from it, huh, Cdb? :). Making a little extra gun/ammo money? :)
jer901 said:
barrelsquared said:
Riflemeister, I actually caught one, accidentally, in one of those traps with peanuts. The problem is, how do you approach the trap and dispose of him without you yourself becoming 'Stinky?'
Call Animal Control? Game Warden? Forest Ranger? Skunk Rescue?
. I actually shot at it from a distance with a BB gun. That worked, but I did take out some of the wiring on the trap and now smaller squirrels can squeeze out.
spoonbill82 said:
Wasted $5.00 on admission to a gun show.
Yeah, I've felt like this the last couple times I've gone. Except it's $8 here. I irritated my friend as I've refused to go to the last couple.
cdb1097 said:
Nice looking truck :!: :!:

Agreed. They've definitely got those things looking good.
Jac - Jer, RM, and Cdb can shoot and kill birds with skill, so take heart in what they say.
cdb1097 said:
Hey now, I had a whole lot of fun and entertainment with a Red Rider back in my youthful years. Probably shot what seemed like 100k through one of them. :!: :D :D :D

. Knowing you, cdb, you DID shoot 100,000 rounds through it. :)
jer901 said:
cdb1097 said:
Hey now, I had a whole lot of fun and entertainment with a Red Rider back in my youthful years. Probably shot what seemed like 100k through one of them. :!: :D :D :D

Did you log them all?
Ha, ha, ha, that's right!
jer901 said:
Cyrider said:
Sounds great, Mailman!! :)

I recently shopped at a Cabela's and a Bass Pro Store. BP was higher by $1 or $2 on many comparable items. However, every time I asked for staff help at Cabela's, they had to look up stuff on the computer. BP staff just showed me where merchandise was located. Definitely more impressed with their service!
I think service and employee competence varies from store to store. I've had good and bad experiences at Gander Mountain, Bass Pro, Cabela's, Academy, and Dick's. I don't even bother with Academy and Dick's any more.

Great experience with two shotgun purchases from Cabela's, but a bad experience picking one up at the new Cabela's Outpost store in Augusta. I found the service at Cabela's in Rogers, AK to be outstanding and the one in Elgin, Illinois to be absolutely abysmal.

Had a chick in the gun department at GM here in Albany tell me the reason they were out of 20 gauge #7-1/2s was the duck hunters had bought them out. On the other hand, I found the folks at the GM in Valdosta to be very helpful on more than one occasion.

The Bass Pro shops in Macon and Savannah are great to browse - I love the layout and decor. But finding someone who actually knew something about the smokers I was interested in was impossible.

All three are sometimes great, and sometimes terrible. None of them pay well enough to attract and keep the best and brightest. My local GM is almost completely staffed by part-timers who just fill in where they are told on a given day. It all just depends on employee dedication and turn over.
I would definitely second the variance from store to store, city to city. No consistency whatsoever.
Riflemeister said:
Golf never interested me at all. I always thought if you gave everyone a ball and a club, fired a starting pistol, first one through wins, you don't count strokes, it might interest me. My theory is if I'm going to walk that far, it'll be trying to bag some sort of critter and preferably chasing after a bird dog.

I had a nice visit to Alabama. Drove down Sunday and returned Wednesday. tbeaux has a new 9 week old female German Shorthair that is a dandy. The pup is absolutely fearless and is already pointing birds, retrieving them, swimming in the lake and retrieving thrown sticks, and attacking every big dog on the place. Quite the girl. I got to put Bode on one of the remaining bobwhites and finally shot a bird with my DeHaan 28 ga. I'm now 100% on bobwhite with the gun, one bird, one shot. Tried finding wild pigs to hunt, but despite spreading corn around the day before, they were no place to be found. We did see turkeys, deer, coyotes, racoon and a fox. Several covies of bobwhite were seen that had chicks in tow. Other than 26 hours of driving, it was a fine time.
I would agree on your golf feelings. And it's great to hear about your trip to Alabama, and I especially like to hear about the bobwhite coveys, with chicks.
jac63 said:
Went to a graduation party for my niece and nephew on the wife's side of the family yesterday. My niece graduated collage w/a bachelors in sports management and nephew graduated HS. He's headed off this fall for computer programming. Kinda nice that they had one party for the both of them.
Today we're headed down to my sister's house after church for a BBQ. She lives about 2 hours away and we don't see each other all that often. Her husband died back in March so I'm trying to be more diligent about seeing her. She doesn't have any children so my wife and I and our daughter & granddaughter are all the family she has.
Yeah, your sister probably needs your support more than she or you realize. I just spent extra time with my parents this weekend (They are about 2 hours away). My older brother died just last weekend, so we just had a long week with him being buried Wednesday. It puts things into perspective.
Thanks jac. All prayers are greatly appreciated. I send mine to you and yours as well. Life can definitely deal some tough blows.
cdb1097 said:
Sorry to hear about you brothers passing barrelsquared. We will keep you in our prayers. It is really hard losing a family member, especially a sibling.

Thanks cdb. I really worry about my parents. Prayers are much appreciated.
Jer, I've always felt exactly as you state in the first paragraph. And I totally support, and understand, what you say in your last two paragraphs. In fact, you kind of gave me a "ha ha, you got em" moment. Good for you.
CG504 said:
Looks like the weekend fishing trip with the grand daughter may be put on hold as we are under a pre-evacuation order due to a fairly large forest fire that started about 16 miles SW of town today and blew up to over 2500 acres in just a matter of hours due to gusty winds from that direction. Our forecast is calling for more gusty south to southwest winds for tomorrow. At last report it is approximately 4 miles from the trigger point for the evacuation order. We're praying that the fire lines will hold but we have been through this before in 2002 and with tomorrow's forecast winds these things can start spot fires up to 3 miles ahead of the main fire line. Expecting we will get the "bug out" order sometime tomorrow as they are evacuating a small community 8 miles SW of us as I type this. We would appreciate any and all prayers that the fire crews will get a handle on this fire before it gets to us. Will post updates on this as I can. By the way they are calling this the Cedar Creek Fire burning SW of Show Low, Az where I live.
Y'all be safe and you're in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you and your possessions stay safe.
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