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Did anybody do ANYTHING today?

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I did!! For the first time in a couple years I went trap shooting. After about a 20 year lay-off four clubs are getting together to revive the Hangover Trap League. I shoot for the skeet team at one of them so what the heck. Today was the first shoot and happened to be at my club. There's a total of eight shoots, two at each club, and a shoot-off. $2/week/shooter goes to prizes, so I don't think many ringers are going to spoil the fun. All four of these clubs are just around the north end of Seneca Lake from me. Three are within 10 miles and one I've never been to is maybe 30 miles down some beautiful country roads. I hope spring gets here because the top-down Mustang is ready to roll!

I don't think I ever posted a pic of my home-made custom trap gun. I found this in a little Mom & Pop gun shop when I was killing time at the Waverly NY Auto Auction. Paid $200 NIB never fired. It's the Nat. Wild Turkey Foundation raffle gun from 2007 made by H&R. I put the custom pad on with a spacer for some extra LOP, not a bad do-it-yourself effort, if I must say so! I added some serious weight in the stock, those H&R's kick like mules! Got a hammer extension, an IM choke, and I load really light 7/8 oz. loads.

First station today I missed three birds, then nailed 18/20 the rest of the way. I kinda forgot how to float the birds. Ended up with a 37/50. I'll take it. I had a blast!.........................the Mailman

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Rode today, tho' not as far as Cdb woulda if he'd been here. First time in a while that I've ridden in hard rain. Only been back on the bike a week, and it hurts. So good.
Wind today is NW at 21, gusting 29. So, of course, I rode the bike. Never again.
Congratulations, Spoonbill. You're one of the few, the proud, the 68%.
mailman said:
I just ordered a Weihrauch HW95 in .22 cal. Also got a Williams peep sight with the target apperture. Tomorrow I order some inserts to fit the globe front sights on these German gems. The factory inserts are thick and obstruct the view of the target.

The factory ones are on top, the bottom ones are from a Lee Shaver set. I've got a guy that can custom make them to fit my guns. I'm ordering extras for a couple forum members from an airgun site. That crosshair one makes a peep sight look like a 1X scope. Very cool stuff!......................the Mailman
Those apertures got me thinking about a gun I bought in Germany, so I went and found it. It's a HW 35. Think I'll get some pellets and find out if it'll still shoot. It's only 30 or 35 years old...
Jsigone. tell me a little about that Garmin. I don't know anything about them, even the model, but it looks very good.

And what is BMR?
Cdb, I know you well enough that I'm sure "soaked and cold" aren't new experiences for you. Having seen you push a pore lil'truck out off a drain field, I reflect that you also don't stay pristine all the time, either.

(And my apologies, Brian. The new one will do better!) :wink:
So, you're still liking the truck? Certainly hope so. How is the diesel, in comparison to a gas engine, for drivability?
Just got 'deeply' involved with my irritation system, at a spot where three 1" lines run parallel and the lowest one has a failed joint. As happens all too often, there was a big rock right in there. I hate rocks and jack legs who use them as shims.

Think I'll get on the bike for 35 to 40 and clear my head (or head pressure).
tbeaux said:
Picked up a Atlas 250 Tri Axis Wobble trap today. This thing is sweeeet! Tried it out at a couple of locations this afternoon. You can check a video out on my Facebook page also. Hopefully some of you guys can try her out this fall if not sooner!

Tbeaux, sooner sounds better!

And does it always knock one of your loafers off when it throws a clay?
**Late Report**
Sunday was eventful. Slipped away in the afternoon and caught a couple of fish, and avoided the cottonmouth. Rode 41 1/2 miles. Got home and learned the Gamecocks had finally won a ball game. JER, your Aggies are the best team we've seen this year. Congratulations!
cdb1097 said:
Stripped out some grass, planted plants, bushes, and took a short bicycle ride with the wife.

Do you ever use Roundup, or another herbicide?
You guys continue to impress me, leading interesting and active lives, with real accomplishments along the way.

I kept my job this week.

Total mileage for the week was 87.55, finishing weakly on hills. I'm toast, and right now I'd rather be contemplating a trip to Perdue Hill than a sojourn to Nevada to pedal 500 miles.

John, I'd enjoy meeting you down there for clays. If you want a caddy, let me know when...
double20 said:
MNNavy said:
As an old hunting buddy of mine is wont to say,

"If there's lead in the air, there's hope."
My uncle uses a variation of this. His saying is: "You don't have a prayer unless you have lead in the air!"
I notice that, when I say that aloud, it rhymes!
Sounds like some of your Garmin is still up there, Cdb. It's warm here today, too, so we only got 47.6. Now that I'm home, I think I'll try to sneak away and find out if little bullets will come out the muzzle of my new Stag 2L!
Installed a pressure regulator on the irritation system. Hoping that will allow good watering while minimizing ruptured joints. Hey, false hope is better than no hope...
jac63 said:
So far today I have the smoker fired up with a brisket on and smoking for this evening. Recently I have developed an interest in old cast iron cookware so I've accumulated a few pieces. They have all been cleaned and are ready to season. So hopefully I can get that done today as well. Other than that forecast is calling for heavy rain starting mid morning so not much else on my plate. I really need to make up some new welder leads and picked I up the wire Thursday so I guess I'll knock that out today also.
How much trouble for the smoker will heavy rain be? Is it under cover?

And how did you clean the cast iron? Any sanding or power buffing there?
jer901 said:
Spent the last two days driving from Georgia to the land of jailed politicians. Waved at you as I passed through Huntspatch Kannoncocker but you didn't wave back! :lol:
Sorry, JER, I had both hands on the handlebars. And you may have noticed my clenched jaw, too. When Cannondale puts air conditioning on a bike, I'm getting it!

Enjoy your road trip.
Not familiar with the Sightmark. Do you plan to set it up for absolute cowitness, or lower 1/3?

I'm about determined to go with lower 1/3 when I get my rig set up.

BTW, good looking carbine!
A local shop has mags, made here in Alabama, that purport to hold 32 rds. I may need to try them, especially if Uplula has a loading aid for 5.56. And JER, it's three of us, not two. You were traveling and missed my announcement about my Stag 2L.
cdb1097 said:
Kannoncocker said:
A local shop has mags, made here in Alabama, that purport to hold 32 rds. I may need to try them, especially if Uplula has a loading aid for 5.56. And JER, it's three of us, not two. You were traveling and missed my announcement about my Stag 2L.
Do they ship them :?:

Dunno, but I like dropping in there. When they reopen Tuesday, I'll ask. While we're batting about AR features and accessories, tell me again about that 3X sight you have. Is it as quick as a red dot?
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