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Did anybody do ANYTHING today?

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I did!! For the first time in a couple years I went trap shooting. After about a 20 year lay-off four clubs are getting together to revive the Hangover Trap League. I shoot for the skeet team at one of them so what the heck. Today was the first shoot and happened to be at my club. There's a total of eight shoots, two at each club, and a shoot-off. $2/week/shooter goes to prizes, so I don't think many ringers are going to spoil the fun. All four of these clubs are just around the north end of Seneca Lake from me. Three are within 10 miles and one I've never been to is maybe 30 miles down some beautiful country roads. I hope spring gets here because the top-down Mustang is ready to roll!

I don't think I ever posted a pic of my home-made custom trap gun. I found this in a little Mom & Pop gun shop when I was killing time at the Waverly NY Auto Auction. Paid $200 NIB never fired. It's the Nat. Wild Turkey Foundation raffle gun from 2007 made by H&R. I put the custom pad on with a spacer for some extra LOP, not a bad do-it-yourself effort, if I must say so! I added some serious weight in the stock, those H&R's kick like mules! Got a hammer extension, an IM choke, and I load really light 7/8 oz. loads.

First station today I missed three birds, then nailed 18/20 the rest of the way. I kinda forgot how to float the birds. Ended up with a 37/50. I'll take it. I had a blast!.........................the Mailman

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Scouted all day for fresh turkey sign after last nights rain. I am toooo stoked about the upcoming season! Jumped up a small covey and large covey of wild quail. Scared me to death as always. Dove were everywhere as usual
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jer901 said:
Sunday - chased and shot some quail, toured RedStick properties north end, drank some beer and a little Woodford Reserve

Monday - chased and shot some more quail, toured more of RedStick properties, ate a fine knock-off of a Turducken - a piglet stuffed with venison backstrap and bacon and piglet backstrap. Oh yeah, drank some more beer and Woodford Reserve and Knob Creek
Sounds like we need to split a hunt together
Took a father and daughter turkey hunting for the GA youth season before work. Gal got to see one fly over her off the roost and hit the ground running. Busted! Three birds were taken out of our group. Going to take my nephew in the morning to a personal hot spot. I can't wait!
leftieD said:
I posted photos of my 12 gauge Antonio Gil SxS in the Spanish forum:

Both are sexy guns
Took a friends son out to scout for turkey's this morning. He was showing me their land and I believe all the gobbling got him hooked. Can't wait for the season to start and to call in his first bird
I was hunting a big big gobbler. He stayed with his ladies and one of his drones came over to play. Full strut, spitting and drumming at 20 yards. 10" beard, 1" Spurs and I let him walk. Hope he makes it a few more years
double20 said:
I sold my 2005 Colorado yesterday and I signed the loan papers for my new diesel Colorado this morning. I ended up having my dealer get one from another dealer out of state vs ordering one from the factory. It is the same configuration as my 2005 being a crew cab short box. It is black which was not my first choice in colors but it will do. The more I look at the pictures of black ones the more I like it. I went with the 2 wheel drive again. Couldn't stomach the higher payment for 4x4 when I would use it so infrequently. Don't need it where I do most of my hunting at my father-inlaw's place. The dealer is coordinating with a car hauler to go pick it up. Said it would be 7-10 days at the most.

I have 2 long camping trips scheduled for Memorial Day weekend and 4th of July weekend. The first one is about 120 miles each way and the second one is about 700 miles each way. We'll see how it does towing my Coleman travel trailer that weighs about 3500 pounds loaded (2875 is the dry weight). I'm hoping for 18 mpg or better while towing which will be a lot better than the 10 mpg we get using my wife's Yukon. I'll report back on how it does. Ironically, we got Trailer Life magazine in the mail yesterday and the front cover had a diesel Colorado with a 23' Lance camper behind it. I thought "That will be me soon!"
. I was really about to go with Tacoma but please message me the price on the diesel Colorado. I would love a small diesel 4x4
Took my nephew turkey hunting Sunday morning and he rocked one at 12 years old at 715 am. I went that evening and got my own around 7pm the the side by side. Too much fun but he flapped in a mud puddle when he died. What a jerk
Restaurant has been sooooooo busy lately. Going to wreck a turkey in the morning
jer901 said:
Riflemeister said:
jac63 said:
Shot my first round of SC for the year after work. As a 3-4 times a year shooter I usually shoot in the low to mid 60's and that's exactly where I was today, 60. I look at some of the scores that others sometimes post and I have to wonder if I'm really that bad of a shooter? Or is it just a tough course that I shoot? 8 of us today and the high score was a 61, my 60 and 3 guys in the low 50's and a couple 40's. I know none of us are world class shooters but I don't think we are a complete waste either. Granted shooting a limited number of times a year doesn't help but you'd think someone would get lucky once in a while and post a score in the 80's. Oh well we have fun regardless.
There are valid reasons you don't see me posting my clay shooting scores on here. Most sporting clays courses have degenerated from replicating bird shooting to "gotcha" presentations where the terrain, trees and anything else is used to confuse the shooter into shooting where it isn't. Sounds to me like you came in a close second with a bunch of experienced bird hunters. Not too bad.
I absolutely suck at sporting clays. Fun, I mostly shoot with my brother-in-law when I go up north, so 3-4 times a year at most. I agree with RM - many SC courses are set up for the Herb Parsons and Tom Knapps of the world. In the field I have good days and not so good days (there are no bad days in the field). :D But one thing is for sure - I seldom suck as bad in the field as I do shooting "teals", "fading midis", "speeding minis" and whatever else the trap setter tosses out there.
If you ever want to shoot in Valdosta lemme know
I run a restaurant. Got through today as the local college masters grads filled the place up along with normal business. Tomorrow is an all day bachelors grad day and normal sat business. The next day Mother's Day. This is the busiest weekend of the year. Just made it home. Wish me luck!
I have my original all metal diamond sided daisy pump from 25 years ago. Still slays the birds
Worked all day. Going to shoot some clays in the morning. Can't wait! Gotta get in shape for duck season
Tried my new clay machine "the Raven" and it was stuck on and kept throwing birds. Foot control did nothing. Blah now to fix it or send it in
The fox was excited at so many clays! Bernardelli and CZ bobwhite turned some into dust too! Stunk having to race to flip it off instead of the foot pedal working
Yornoc3 said:
That looks like fun, but a lot of shells disappear in a hurry.

I've had really good luck with Do-all's customer service on a problem with one of their clay throwers. Try to call them, if you can; just like CZ, a real person responds better than E-Mail.
Great customer service! It is as simple as moving a sensor to get it to do right
Yornoc3 said:
Dang, 67galaxie, I should've thought of that! I've tweaked mine a bit, too. I expected it to be something a little more complicated. Still, they're helpful folks at Do-all, and, if you ever need parts, you'll get'em quick.
Still not out of the woods. Going to try one more adjustment and then I'm sending it back for the new one (ordered mine two weeks ago) that has a welded bracket instead of a riveted one
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