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Did anybody do ANYTHING today?

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I did!! For the first time in a couple years I went trap shooting. After about a 20 year lay-off four clubs are getting together to revive the Hangover Trap League. I shoot for the skeet team at one of them so what the heck. Today was the first shoot and happened to be at my club. There's a total of eight shoots, two at each club, and a shoot-off. $2/week/shooter goes to prizes, so I don't think many ringers are going to spoil the fun. All four of these clubs are just around the north end of Seneca Lake from me. Three are within 10 miles and one I've never been to is maybe 30 miles down some beautiful country roads. I hope spring gets here because the top-down Mustang is ready to roll!

I don't think I ever posted a pic of my home-made custom trap gun. I found this in a little Mom & Pop gun shop when I was killing time at the Waverly NY Auto Auction. Paid $200 NIB never fired. It's the Nat. Wild Turkey Foundation raffle gun from 2007 made by H&R. I put the custom pad on with a spacer for some extra LOP, not a bad do-it-yourself effort, if I must say so! I added some serious weight in the stock, those H&R's kick like mules! Got a hammer extension, an IM choke, and I load really light 7/8 oz. loads.

First station today I missed three birds, then nailed 18/20 the rest of the way. I kinda forgot how to float the birds. Ended up with a 37/50. I'll take it. I had a blast!.........................the Mailman

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Took the dogs out for a 2.5 mile walk, cut my daughters grass, her neighbor came over and asked me about bringing the tractor over to dig 16 holes for him for a new fence so went over and checked that out. Then headed out to watch my grandson shoot some trap for his high school team. Came home and cut my grass.
Brother in law got himself a new lab puppy last week so I dropped off my training supplies for him since the wife put the
nix on me getting another one. He's got one fine looking lab.

Dog Fence Comfort Carnivore Fawn
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Wife said the front door needs to be re-stained. Spent four hours sanding it another half hour staining it. Tomorrow I'll be putting a couple coats of Polyurethane on it. Brother then dropped off his shotgun along with all his ammo, sold his house and asked me to store some items for him until he finds another house around here next year. He's headed back to Florida after closing next week. Asked when the last time he cleaned his gun, guess it was last year after his trap league ended. Guess I'll break it down and give it a good cleaning tonight.
Stop at Walmart for some drinks and took a walk past the ammo shelves and found three 100 packs of 20 gauge target loads.
Had a huge storm roll through last night here in Wisconsin spent all day at my daughters house with a chain saw cutting up the trees that were knocked down. Going back to tomorrow to hopefully finish it up. Then repair the fencing that was damaged around the garden.
Wanted to keep the grand son shooting some clay's since school was let out so I purchased the Wheelybird 2.0. My son in law and I took him out to the farm and we went through about 80 clays. Machine preformed flawlessly, so we'll try to get out once a week with it.
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I've been stocking up for my grandson for high school trap, think I have enough on hand for a couple of years now. We also like the 71/2 shot better also, but if I see them in 8 they go into the cart. Been finding more on hand recently in our stores.
Ordered a CZ Teal 16 gauge today from Cabela's then feeling guilty I cut the grass.
Liber this is a “guilt free zone.”
That's good because I also just ordered another gun from Cabela's, picked up a Glock 17. :giggle:
Went out pheasant hunting this morning spent two hours on some DNR land close to my house. Ended up pulling two ticks off the dog that was about it. Didn't see any birds today. Then went to the my Doctor's appointment.
Called a local game farm set up a hunt, my brother is coming up from Florida in November and wants to go out. Then sent my grand daughter a text since she was mad that her brother has been going out pheasant hunting and no one ever asks her. So I invited her to come along also and she's all excited. Looking forward to this hunt with her, I have her other grandad coming along to mentor her so hopefully she'll get her first bird and I will have another hunting partner.
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Had a friend call this morning to go out to a game farm, he put out 6 birds and I finally shot decent. Shot three of the five birds we shot. Dogs did an excellent job
Went and took my new 16 gauge CZ Teal out today we put out six birds dogs kicked up 9 and we got 6. Very happy with the new CZ Teal, shoulders nice and soft shooting.
Helped my son in law build a lean to shed today.
Met the UPS guy in the drive way he brought me some BOSS 16 gauge. Then went and had my tires rotated on my SUV, came back home and put a bird feeder up that some high winds blew over a couple days ago. Oh, went out and voted first thing in the morning.
Outstanding! Hat's off to you, and I hope it's the beginning of a great experience for both of you. My granddaughter is only 3, but I'd like to have the same experience as you and yours are about to share. Please come back and tell us about it, too.
Went out with the granddaughter last week, we put out six birds dogs got up four of them. Unfortunately those darn birds got up on the side she wasn't on. But she enjoyed the time out in the field and she wants to go out again. She was happy to watch her dogs work and bring back the birds we shot. She never really understood went they went through to get a bird.
Today my 8 year old grandson and I helped his dad drag a deer out of the corn field. He helped us field dress it out and I was shocked he was so interested in it. He was asking questions on why and what we were pulling out, and why it smelled so bad. :LOL:
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Walked the dogs,bought a quarter of beef from my daughter,took the wife grocery shopping just ordered some new snap caps. Put a new front sight on my 16 gauge over/under went with the red fiber optic.Getting older and harder to see those brass or white beads, have all my shotguns switched over to the fiber optic now.
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Not much, to cold outside, -33 WC right now, do my PT, play with the dogs, and fiddle around in the reloading room. Might clean some guns just to be doing something. ( guns can never be to clean❗ )

Finally warming up here,temp finally rose up to 0 with a WC at -22, took out my shotguns wiped them down tomorrow will be working on taking out the pistols and doing the same.
Took two of my grandkids out for lunch today. We spent a couple of hours without cell phones talking while eating, couldn't believe that could happen anymore with a 15 and 17 year old kids.
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