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Difference between older MEC 600 JR and new 600 mk V

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I have found a MEC 600 JR to buy but it is the model before the new 600 mk V. Does anyone know the difference and do you have a recommendation of which to purchase. Thanks
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The Mark V has a few improvements over the earlier models.
1. It is easy to install the EZ PRIME auto primer feed. With the earlier models you have to drill out the mounting hole for the reprime punch to a larger size.

2.It easily adjusts for 3" shells, providing you have the spacer for the primer seating assembly. It comes with it new.

3. It comes with the Pro Check feature, which is supposed to prevent getting powder and shot drops out of sequence.

You can find exploded views and parts lists here:

The best prices on new ones can be found here:

Brand new Mark V for $92 plus ship.
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low_eight - Thank you for the info - 24ksports.
As noted by others, there are differences between the reloaders. Unfortunately, many of the parts are not interchangeable. Specifically, you cannot take a smaller gauge kit from a MEC 600 Jr and put it on a MEC 600 Jr Mark V.
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