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hmmm, touchy subject. as an old gunsmith, i would not disable a safety for liability reasons. i figured if someone had a brainfade and had an accident, their lawyer would kick my butt in court. however, i shoot krieghoff o/u's, and they have a provision where you can lock out the safety where it cannot be engaged. also, many single barrel trap guns and some o/u's do not come equipped with safeties. if i were still in the business, fear of a lawsuit would keep me from doing it on a customer's gun, even though the safeties are inoperative on my own tournament guns. my krieghoff field gun has an operable safety. the above posters are correct about safeties, a device that can fail. the foolproof safety is betwixt the ears. the main reason i will not have a gun with an automatic safety, such as a ruger, or several other field guns is because force of habit will not allow me to alter or remove a safety, even on my own gun. in their defense, the gunmakers that have automatic safeties on their guns have a good team of lawyers.
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